Living room with rich textures and deep colors

design interior living contemporan

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 40 sqm Concept – A masculine space with rich textures and deep colors Style: Contemporary-Modern Materials used: architectural mouldings, large marble-like ceramic tiles, wall panels with veneer, furniture and lighting fixtures from Poliform and Eichholtz. Chromatic range: white, gray anthracite, brown with some golden accessory _________________________________ _________________________________ A […]

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Interior design – Apartment in neoclassic style, “Valletta” Residence

Design interior apartament Valletta

_________________________________ Location – Valletta Residence, Bucharest, Romania Area – 90 sqm Year of completion – 2019 Concept – A mashup of two styles in one apartment Style: Contemporary style with Shabby Chic influences in contrast with industrial ones Used materials: wall paint, wallpaper, architectural mouldings. Previous furniture was upgraded with some custom details and small […]

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Modern Luxury Penthouse, Bucharest

design interior penthouse lux

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 240 sqm Year of completion – 2019 Concept – A space that reflects contemporary luxury Style: eclectic-contemporary with a pinch of glamor Used materials: large ceramic tiles, wooden plywood, wall paint, wallpaper, architectural mouldings and panels. Chromatic range: Pastel colors with colored accents and golden details _________________________________ _________________________________ […]

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Interior design – “ C House”, Bucharest

design interior casa c

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 200 sqm Year of completion – 2019 Concept – Between art and design Style: Modern with eclectic accents Used materials: Walnut Chevron parquet, wall paint, architectural mouldings, perforated metal panels, large ceramic tiles. Chromatic range: Neutral with some colors accents and golden details _________________________________ _________________________________ Customers wanted their […]

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Classical Style Penthouse, Bucharest

design interior penthouse clasic realizat

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 240 sqm inside + 115 sqm of terrace Year of completion – 2017 Concept – The new classic Style: Classic style Materials used: laminated wood with Murano glass marquetry, architectural mouldings, wall and decorative paint, textile wallpaper, mural paintings, classic solid wood furniture in light tones. Chromatic range: […]

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Interior design – 3 room apartment in classical style, Craiova

design interior apartament stil clasic craiova

_________________________________ Location – Craiova, Romania Area – 95 sqm Year of completion – 2018 Concept – Adapting classic style to an apartment Style: Classic, with neoclassical elements Used materials: Three-ply parquet, carpet, architectural mouldings, paint and decorative paint, wallpaper, ceramics, marble Chromatic range: warm colors, beige, ivory and gold _________________________________ _________________________________ Customers wanted a classic, […]

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Living and dining in eclectic-contemporary style, Bucharest

design interior living

___________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 70 sqm Year of completion – project phase Concept – Creating a temperate interior, but with a little scenic ambiance Style – Modern – Contemporary Materials used – Washable and decorative paint, decorative profiles, laminate flooring, velvet upholstery and curtains, brass and marble Chromatic range – Pastel and […]

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