Design interior apartament 2 camere colorat

Interior design – 2 room apartment in vivid colors, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 50 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – A colorful space that reflects the personality of the clients

Style: Modern-contemporary

Used materials: washable and decorative paint, architectural mouldings, wallpaper. Custom made furniture made of painted MDF and chipboards.

Chromatic range: Neutral background + color accents



The whole atmosphere for this project is a very warm one because we wanted to transmit this through our design. Considering that the apartment is located in an older building from the 80s, on the second floor with many trees in front of the windows, we came up with the solution to “color” the space using a wide chromatic range, finishing everything up by using warm artificial light. Though a lot of turquoise was used (at the customer’s request), we combined this color with contrasting tones, such as a little pastel of pink and yellow.

The total budget for all the arrangements was limited, but we found solutions to create a stylish space. For example, we came up with the proposal to use marble in the kitchen for the worktop and wall plating in the work area, but because natural marble is an expensive and high- maintenance material, we eventually turned to the heat-resistant countertop, which was also used to plate the wall. The furniture was mainly custom-made, because we had a lot of optimizing to do to the space and thus we managed to use every inch for smart storage, but in an elegant way.

The kitchen, the furniture from the entrance hall, the TV combo, the dressing and even the bed were custom-made. For the walls we used both wall paint, but also decorative paint, wallpaper and architectural mouldings. The furniture was made of chipboard and painted and inflated MDF. The curtains were also custom-made, in the tone of the colors in the house.