Interior design – 3 bedroom apartment, Vida Herastrau


Location  –  Bucharest, Romania

Area – 90 sqm

Year of completion – Work in progress

Concept – The challenge of creating a dramatic atmosphere

Style – Contemporary glamour with Art Deco influences

Materials used – Washable, decorative profiles, wallpaper, velvet upholstery, painted MDF and chipboard, wood, brass

Furniture – Most of the furniture is made to order, except for small pieces of furniture

Chromatic range – Dark, dramatic colors: gray, dusty pink



We are proud to present you a new premium residential project signed by the Creativ Interior team. This time I experienced a new style, much bolder, but at the same time very expressive – Glamor style with a dramatic atmosphere, which customers wanted.

The apartment is located in the Vida Herestrau residential complex in Bucharest and consists of 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Because it was handed over finished by the developer, we avoided modifying the compartmentalization of the space. Instead, I partially intervened in electricity and lighting. And the finish of the walls has been completely rethought. To create the dramatic atmosphere, we chose several shades of gray found in the color of the walls and furniture throughout the house. The only exception is the child’s room, where I combined the dusty pink with a warm gray.

Due to the limited budget, for the execution of the furniture and wall cladding we opted for both painted MDF and melamine chipboard, combined with brass metal profiles and smoky mirrors.

There are several important elements that make this project special, namely: the golden metal glass doors that delimit the kitchen living room, the photo wallpaper in the living room and the composition created from the cladding and upholstered panels found in all rooms.

Due to the clients’ desire to experience and trust in our team, we managed to open a new perspective in terms of premium and innovative projects on the Romanian market!


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