design interior apartament domenii

Interior design – 3 room apartment in eclectic style, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 66 sqm

Year of completion – 2018

Concept – The mix of two styles in one apartment

Style: Contemporary style with Shabby Chic influences in contrast with industrial ones

Used materials: wall paint, wallpaper, architectural mouldings. The existing furniture decorated with some new custom details and small pieces of furniture and a series decoration rejuvenated their look.

Chromatic range: pastel colors with vivid accents (yellow, blue)



Our clients, a young couple, had different desires for this future design, but we took it as a challenge and decided to implement a mix of styles that, although not related to each other (in our case the Shabby Chic with the contemporary style nor the industrial style), created something quite original in the end. What’s the result? A unique apartment that made both beneficiaries happy. Although the apartment has already been bought with several improvements, our goal, as ever, was to add personality to this space using existing elements.

For example, its classic carpentry inspired us to choose the overall style for the apartment – something more stylish, so we decided not to remove the racks from the living room both to avoiding wall changes and because it looked better with their parquet – adapting it to a more modern style. The chosen colors were bright and pastel such as ivory, cream, beige, together with a few stronger ones such as yellow for the living room, blue for the office. The female customer, a Shabby Chic lover, suggested that the whole house should look classy and elegant.

So, the bedroom and the kitchen are spaces that translate this requirement. The living room is modern, but it also has more classic-contemporary elements (the sofa and the armchair, the gift lamp and the additional table). The office is contrasting with the entire apartment, with an industrial style, with a male chair in dark colors and a „harsher” finish – dark walnut wood, black painted metal, brown leather upholstery. However, here too we proposed some elements to temper the ambience – the Roman blinds from the windows or the radiator mask.