design interior apartament stil clasic craiova

Interior design – 3 room apartment in classical style, Craiova


Location – Craiova, Romania

Area – 95 sqm

Year of completion – 2018

Concept – Adapting classic style to an apartment

Style: Classic, with neoclassical elements

Used materials: Three-ply parquet, carpet, architectural mouldings, paint and decorative paint, wallpaper, ceramics, marble

Chromatic range: warm colors, beige, ivory and gold



Customers wanted a classic, warm and welcoming apartment with some subtle golden accents, which brought an elegant touch to the whole design, and hence a lot of custom-made details were made for this project – from architectural mouldings, personalized upholstery and custom-made furniture. Although the interiors of modern apartments are not compatible with the classical style, our challenge was to find aesthetic and functional solutions in such a way that the whole space wouldn’t seem overloaded and suffocating.

We opted for less furniture and not so large luminaires and we used light colors to help brighten the atmosphere. We put a great emphasis on finishes, so we chose elegant fabrics such as satin, silk textile wallpaper, white painted wood veneer with some ivory insertions, handmade sculptures on the furniture.