Interior Design – 3-room apartment – Project #MyFamousHome


Location  –  Bucharest, Romania

Area – 70 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – Optimizing the space in an elegant way

Style – An eclectic between modern and contemporary

Materials used – washable and decorative paint, decorative profiles, laminate flooring, paper wallpaper and magnetic wallpaper, photo wallpaper, ceramic tiles

Furniture – 90% of the furniture is made to order to optimize the space. Otherwise, furniture from the catalog.

Chromatic range – Pastel colors combined with a few color accents.



The #MyFamousHome project is a 3-room apartment in the northern part of Bucharest, which has been very well optimized as a space.

The arrangement started from some changes of the partitioning compared to the initial plan: a closet area was created instead of the dining area in the living room. I proposed: to make a switch between the two bedrooms, because from the master bedroom there was access to the terrace. And to keep the master bathroom with access from the bedroom, we moved the door.

To optimize the space, but at the same time without crowding the atmosphere, we proposed many storage spaces in the form of cabinets high up to the ceiling. Due to the limited budget, we did our best to invest in quality materials, and we saved by mixing materials and not using them where it is not mandatory (for this we also consulted with the team of builders we work with) . For example, we did not cover the bathrooms with tiles all over the height of the space or we did not put tiles behind the furniture where we were sure that the water would not reach; I proposed chipboard furniture, but I added decorative elements, plus I mounted the cornice on top of them, in this way the closet seems to be part of the construction of the room.

Through the #MyFamousHome project I experienced many tricks and technical details, such as: applying a plaster in the form of a cream on the walls that helps straighten the walls – it looks sensational; I applied LED tape with its masking with a custom cornice, because I could not embed it; I experimented with applying the Calcecruda decorative from Nococolor in the kitchen, which I painted over with a gold leaf; I proposed an interactive wall in the child’s room – magnetic wallpaper painted with washable chalkboard type.

You can find out more about the projects by watching the official video on Youtube.


Photos: Alexandru Prodan

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