Art Deco Penthouse, Asmita Gardens Recidence


LocationAsmita Gardens Residence, Bucharest, Romania

Area – interior 250 sqm + terrace 250 sqm

Concept – Dramatic and elegant atmosphere

Style: Modern Art Deco

Used materials: large ceramic tiles, wooden plywood, wall paint, wallpaper, architectural mouldings and panels.

Chromatic range: white, gray, black, walnut color, golden accents



A dramatic atmosphere with dark tones and strong shades, creates from this interior design a unique penthouse, in which elegance finds the comfort. The basic feature is the Art Deco that is found in every element thought in this project. The partitioning is fluid, the spaces are connected to each other by relaxation areas, the best quality furniture, and the privacy of the bedrooms is given by the most functional closures that come adjacent – bathroom or dressing room.


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