Classic – Contemporary Mansion, Bucharest


Location  – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 340 sqm

Year of completion – Work in progress

Concept – Elegant atmosphere integrated in a classic mansion

Style – Classic – contemporary

Materials used – Decorative profiles, inlaid parquet, Lincrusta wallpaper, washable, decorative paint, brass profiles, crystal

Chromatic range – Neutral (beige, pink, taupe), brown, gold details



A new luxury residential project is part of the Creative Interior portfolio. This time we had the opportunity to experience the arrangement of a mansion with a classical architecture built from scratch.

The project combines a rich, fine beige and taupe color palette with elegant natural textures and finishes, creating the luxurious image found throughout the home. There was no discount on quality, on the contrary, special elements were wanted, and in this case we chose to propose the embossed wallpaper from Lincrusta or inlaid parquet with various precious wood essences. We opted for rich chandeliers with crystal pendants, custom wall decorative profiles. For the furniture, we chose to work with the Mavis brand because all the pieces are made of solid wood, and the velvet and mohair upholstery are of the highest quality. Even the furniture for the matrimonial dressing room, which is modular, was ordered from Mavis.

If the whole house was arranged in a classic style with contemporary influences, for the child’s room, which is intended for a teenager, we proposed a slightly more modern style, with straight lines, more reserved and neutral colors. Even the chosen furniture is much simpler.


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