Classic-contemporary style house, Adjud, Romania


Location  –  Adjud, Romania

Area – 660 sqm

Year of completion – Work in progress

Concept – Contemporary house with lounge feeling

Style – Classic-contemporary

Materials used – Wood cladding on the walls, decorative profiles, decorative and washable paint, wallpaper.

Furniture – from Signorini & Coco, Fratelli Barri and custom-made brands

Chromatic range – cream, beige, gold accents



The contemporary style in interior design has become popular among premium furnishings with the increasing spread of the modern art deco style, a style taken over by the great design and home deco houses in Italy.

It involves simple lines mixed with high quality finishes such as Alcantara leather, fine cotton velvet, gold or silver metallic finishes, wood of noble essences, geometric shapes as studied as possible for comfort.

The present arrangement was taken over when the house was already built and furnished, but the intervention was wanted in such a way as to visually change its style, to offer a more relaxed atmosphere, especially since the beneficiaries are young and the time spent must to reflect their daily activities.

The wood cladding on the walls already transposes the arrangement in a carefully worked area, the pieces of furniture from Fratelli Barri, the lighting fixtures made to order in Italy for a spectacular effect, the classic parquet covered in the areas of sofas with custom carpets, the accents of the turquoise and faded purple upholstery bring a fresh but sophisticated air to the interior of the living room.

The master bedroom was designed as warm and welcoming as possible, so the cream and beige colors as light as possible were supported by the elegance of the decorative profiles of the walls. Novacolor gold decorative paint was added for an imperial effect. The furniture at Signorini & Coco is of the highest standard for such an arrangement and ideally complements every area of ​​the room.

Comfort must be supported by quality, as the concepts that Creativ Interior realizes for such premium houses are individually designed to maximize a lifestyle and a successful attitude.


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