design interior duplex navodari

Interior design – duplex in marine style, Navodari


Location – Navodari, Romania

Area – 180 sqm

Year of completion – 2017

Concept – Marine-themed apartment

Style: Modern with Mediterranean influences

Used materials: Laminate flooring, wall paint, architectural mouldings, wallpaper

Chromatic range: Pastel bleu for the ground floor combined with antique wood, yet the bedrooms on the upper floor have different themes – an exotic one with bamboo wood and earth colors, the other bright, in feminine colors.



Our customers wanted their sea-side suite, located in Navodari, to be a genuine expression of their characters, emphasized throughout the marine thematic we chose to match the location. The blue color we used in the living and dining rooms harmonized with the rest of the furniture custom- made out of antique oak wood, along with the luminaires we picked, as if you find yourself on an ancient sail, and the printed wallpaper behind the TV warns us that we are about to enter a magical realm written by Jules Vernes himself.

The entrance has wallpaper that mimics painted antique wood and it is well lit by the navy-like lights that carry us to a relaxing master bedroom, beautifully highlighted due to the bright colors we used and the antique French furnishings. We haven’t forgotten about the children’s bedroom either. The oversized butterflies from the wallpaper lures and delights you, and the furniture and fixtures clearly suggests that you will enter some little princesses’ domain.  The upper floor’s interior design was thought to be a little more playful, colorful, so we used a plant- themed wallpaper with some navy-themed paintings that we hung on it. We enjoy to be simply us and expose our creative ideas, but as one of the paintings states – ,, It’s good to be you, only if you can also be a pirate, then always be a pirate! ”