Interior Design Aparthotel Dubai


Location  – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Area – 60 sqm / Room

Year of completion – 2021

Concept – Design proposals for several accommodation units, hotel apartments

Style – Modern-eclectic

Used materials – Large ceramic tiles, mirrors, glass, decorative profiles, MDF

Chromatic range – Color contrasts, gold, beige, purple and black accents



This aparthotel is a concept project that we did for a client from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The beneficiary wanted a sumptuous space addressed to the customers of the luxury area, which would include a relaxation and rest area (with a generous bedroom), an open living room with a kitchenette, where all the equipment would be hidden, the spacious, glazed bathroom to the bedroom. This requirement has inspired us to propose a subtle closure of the bathroom, for those who want more privacy, through sliding wooden panels. The living area is separated from the rest area by a wall that integrates both a fireplace and a TV. The proposed furniture is of the highest quality, some of pieces are custom made, some are chosen from the catalog of the most famous luxury brands, such as Fratelli Barri, Ethan Allen, Moooi


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