Interior Design – Artelier Artisanal Bakery


Location – Galati, Romania

Area – 30 sqm

Year of completion – 2018

Concept – The need for change

Style – Contemporary-Modern

Used materials – Interior and exterior architectural mouldings, ceramic tiles with decorative patterns for the floor, brick-like tiles in the sink area. Furniture made from painted PAL and MDF. Custom decorations, we used wall mounted choppers and rolling pins.

Chromatic range – white, pink, blue pastel.


Photos: Alexandru Prodan


This project was a bit challenging because we had to change the current image of the space and turn it into a very bright one, with a Parisian flow. We decided to choose pastel colors such as pink and gray for the background, filled with complementary gold and blue details. To better optimize the space, we reorganized it so that there is a correct customer flow, with as much space as possible for product exhibition and storage. The added feature that we came up with was the bar table area, which allows the customers to enjoy a delight on the spot, along with a hot cup of coffee.


3D Project concept