design interior casa c

Interior design – “ C House”, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 200 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – Between art and design

Style: Modern with eclectic accents

Used materials: Walnut Chevron parquet, wall paint, architectural mouldings, perforated metal panels, large ceramic tiles.

Chromatic range: Neutral with some colors accents and golden details



Customers wanted their future home to be a bit special, both in terms of design, but also of functionality and execution. Our concept proposal resulted from the idea of transposing ancient art into a modern house (its architecture is modern minimalist style), and these elements are found in the decoration of the walls (classical cornices and brasses, columns and Greek capitals but which we painted in bright colors). This leitmotif is also identified in the railing graphics or the abstract custom-made paintings.

At a glance, the ambience seems very reserved, but our goal was to emphasize and attract attention and surprise visitors, so we used decorative profiles in a more creative way, large ceramic marble-like tiles that give a spectacular view, solid wood and Chevron parquet with very defined indentations, fused with brass profiles, and hidden joints between materials. All these details add value to the arrangement and place it in the elegant category of projects with a high level of execution.