design interior Coffee Shop SwitchMorn

Interior Design – Coffee Shop “SwitchMorn”, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 15sqm

Year of completion – 2017

Concept – A coffee shop with a modern industrial design with a special coffee theme

Style – Modern
Used materials – Ceramic flooring, custom-made wallpaper, chipboard and painted wood. Custom made furniture.
Chromatic range – warm wood colors with some small color accents.


Finished Project


The “SwitchMorn” brand is one for a natural coffee brand well-known on the Romanian market, being a premium product made from Arabic beans, using “Thermo Two” hot air roasting technology. This year, “SwitchMorn” comes with a new coffee shop and “to go” concept for high-quality coffee lovers.

Thus, they approached the Creativ Interior team to arrange a small, but personalized space, located on Calea Moşilor Street. This space is a place to sale natural coffee beans, which can be ground on the spot, on customer request, but also a place where you can drink and enjoy various coffee varieties which you can take “to go”.

The interior is designed to be as practical as possible, but at the same time as aesthetically appealing as possible. Wood is the main material we used, thus it predominates in our concept. But some color accents and brand-specific details add a little emotion to the space. The wallpaper behind the serving counter is the main focus in our design, creating their visual identity as the “SwitchMorn” brand.

Although the space has only 15 square meters, it has not prevented us from using our whole creativity to understand the need of the beneficiary and to translate the ideas into an attractive and original design.