design interior coffee shop Wakey Wakey

Interior design – Coffee Shop “Wakey Wakey”, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 40sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – Urban coffee shop

Style – Modern-industrial

Materials used – Metal, laminate flooring, washable paint, wallpaper print, adhesive stickers

Chromatic range – blue and yellow in combination with gray



A coffee shop concept is always a challenge because it must express the idea of the place very well, to surprise you with a nonconformist design and to tell the story of “coffee in the making” in a way that others did not do it before.


The “Wakey Wakey” coffee shop is your everyday morning awakening, your favorite coffee flavor, your freshly roasted coffee beans, served in a welcoming, friendly place, where everyone in the area can meet for the latest gossip and where you come for the dose of caffeine witch give you that boost of energy for the whole day.


The interior design followed the shape of the façade, yet we transposed the outside into an interior design through the industrial metallic frame and we painted it in one of the coffee shop’s main colors. Wherever you might look you understand that you are in a special location, a location with personality and sleep or lack of energy will instantly disappear.