Interior Design – Eclectic contemporary house, Buzau


Location  – Buzau, Romania

Area – 210 sqm

Year of completion – Work in progress

Concept – An elegant atmosphere and fine details in a luxury residential project

Style – Eclectic contemporary

Materials used – Decorative profiles, parquet and wood finishes of precious essences, large ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, upholstered panels, carpet, glass and mirrors with different finishes

Chromatic range – Neutral (beige, gray) with navy blue accents and gold details



The collaboration with the clients started at the architectural project phase of the house, which helped us to partially intervene in the subdivision and even in the installation part. Knowing from the beginning that the facade of the future house will be in classic style with Mediterranean influences, it was easy for us to find a direction of style and atmosphere for the interior of the house. That’s why I proposed an eclectic style, but in a contemporary, neoclassical and slightly Art-Deco direction.

Many elements and details are customized and adapted to the space so that the final image is very elegant and yet airy.

As finishes, we went for those with a more natural look, even if certain materials mimic natural finishes. And to convey the feeling of comfort, we proposed to use as many delicate textiles as possible, such as satin, velvet, viscose – they can be found in furniture upholstery, curtains, rugs or carpet.

The chromatic range is quite calm, reduced to warm and pastel colors of beige, beige, cream, the color of natural wood, but with accents of navy blue, black marble or walnut wood. The contrast of the house that the studio on the ground floor that represents the room of the children who will come to visit. Although I knew from the beginning what they wanted, during the project – integration became a challenge, a successful challenge, because we found a way to keep the style, but to use more expressive, even dramatic colors.


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