Interior Design – Event Hall “Rayna Events Hall”, Giurgiu


Location – Giurgiu, Romania

Area – 900 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – Adapting an already existing industrial space to a Glamor interior dedicated to events

Style – Modern with industrial accents and Glamor

Materials used – Printed carpet, decorative paint, painted metal

Color range – Warm tones for the walls, metal frames painted in dark colors, dramatic atmosphere



The concept of our design started from the architecture of the building and that we reinterpreted it so it can look more like an event hall, by using a metal farm to sustain the roof of the building. Because of it we adopted an industrial style, but at the same time kept an elegant touch for this space.

The round shape and the generous height allowed us to organize the interior so that we have enough space at the tables so the guests can feel comfortable, create the right streams and use decorative elements that can be hung from the roof’s metal structure for a more personal touch. In this regard, we have proposed luminaires with circular shapes, lampshades, and hanging plants.

Although the atmosphere is quite modern, industrial, we have come up with some Glamor items to preserve the idea of a space dedicated to events – the use of mirrors, the decoration with brass or gold finish, walls painted with decorative pearl paint, even personalized decorative panels on the facade.


Poze: Alexandru Prodan