design interior caroli randare

Interior design for a conference room – Caroli Foods Group , Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 50 sqm

Year of completion – 2017

Concept – Color and motivation

Style – Modern

Materials used – Carpet, custom photoprint, incandescent lighting

Chromatic range – Many color accents through the photo frame graphic



We started from the premise that an office space must be created in such a way that you achieve maximum productivity in an ergonomic comfort. So, even the meeting / conference rooms should include these aspects, because they will sometimes be used in the long run. We luckily had enough natural light since one of the rooms were located near a window, but we still took into account the artificial lighting for those late hour sessions. As for the style, we chose a modern style, in which the abstract and geometric elements represent the leitmotif of the arrangement. We used a few quotes on the walls to inspire those present in the room. And last but not least, we emphasized space ergonomics, using comfortable chairs, as well as modular tables, easy to move around and reorganize in certain events.