Design interior Beraria Fort

Interior design –”Fort” Beerhouse, Brasov


Location – Brașov, Romania

Area – 900 sqm

Year of completion – pending, estimated 2019

Concept – Medieval reinterpretation

Style – Modern-industrial

Used materials – Terracotta floor, wall paint, decorative profiles, natural stone, metallic letters. Custom made furniture and special lighting dedicated to Horeca units.

Chromatic range – Neutral colors with brick and British accents



Brașov City is one of the most important cities in Romania that attract the most tourists, and this motivated our clients to create a space dedicated to craft beer lovers that is produced internally. The concept of the project was to readapt a medieval style (inspired by the history of the city) with a modern twist. Although the original building had a modern architecture, we managed to redefine the entire space that communicates with both the interior and the exterior.


For the layout of the space we used a lot of elements that lead to the historical atmosphere (apparent brick, wooden barns or forged iron), yet inserted some modern elements such as glass or upholstered furniture with a more classic, slightly elegant design. The brewery, besides the restaurant’s space, also includes an area selling Romanian traditional products or souvenirs.