design interior restaurant lollypop

Interior design – “LollyPop” MegaMall, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 170sqm

Year of completion – 2015

Concept – Colorful coffee lounge

Style – Modern, as colorful and visually attractive as possible

Materials used – laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, decorative profiles, MDF plaques, custom graphics wallpapers. Custom made furniture, dedicated HoReCa lighting.

Chromatic range – strong colors that contrast with each other.



The challenge of the design concept was: “How do we convey the idea of lollypops in a discreet, but interesting way?”. To answer this question, we have come up with the idea to create picture wallpapers for the entire surfaces of the walls, with each area having a different image. And so, in the bar area we used a more neutral picture wallpaper which represents Greek columns. For the central table area we have created modern geometrical graphics in vivid colors with classic monochrome characters, who hold lollypops in their hands.

The lounge area located near the entrance has wallpapers that imitate classic paintings and sculptures, separated by decorative walls made out of vertical wooden laths. To set us apart, we have personalized the entire “LollyPop” brand – from logos and graphics to the customization of furniture. We looked for and found creative and technical solutions for each element, which makes us proud of the execution team we collaborate with. And so, the arrangement of the location that started from an idea was transformed into a 3D project and was executed in accordance to the proposed project.