Interior Design Pension Cuplu Călător


Location  – Jurilovca, România

Area – 260 sqm

Year of completion – 2021

Concept – A thematic accommodation, adapted to the style of the area, the Lipovan one

Style – The facade is Lipovan style, and the interiors are thematic, but still inspired by the area (fishery, birds, sea, etc.)

Used materials – Natural painted wood, decorative paint, cords and reeds, decorative profiles

Chromatic range – The chromatics are varied, from the typical blue of the Lipovan area, to red, yellow, beiges found in interior design


Photos: Cuplu Călător


Cuplu Călător Pension is the second typical Lipovan house located in Tulcea Area, designed by Creativ Interior team. This time we have an interesting story behind, of our clients, a couple who traveled the world for a few years, and later, after returning in Romania to make a pension specific to the area where Claudia is from. That’s how we came to collaborate together for this project.

The guest house has only 8 rooms, each with an individual theme, a kitchen with a dining area, where traditional dishes are prepared, and a seating area where children can play. The guest house also has a terrace, an outdoor pavilion, a playground and a sauna. You can find out the whole story by accessing the pension’s website:

See also the Mavis Pension designed in the same style.


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