design interior terasa pescariu

Interior design – Restaurant terrace “The Gallery”, PESCARIU SPORTS & SPA


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 200 sqm

Year of completion – 2018

Concept – a multifunctional space with Urban Fusion design

Style – Modern

Materials used – Composite decking floor, wooden structures, HDF trapezoidal panels, custom made furniture and dedicated lighting for Horeca units.

Color range – bright colors, marine influences



The concept for this project was to create a multifunctional space to be used both by club clients during the program and for various private events. We came up with the idea of “bringing” some Mediterranean air, as the view from the terrace is directed towards the water (the pool, but also Lake Tei). We proposed to cover the entire terrace with a white-painted aluminum pergola and perforated panels with oriental influences.

The dining area is divided into a lounge area with blue sofas and low tables, but also a dining area with metal and injected polycarbonate chairs. For those who just want to enjoy a cocktail we proposed a bar table area. The luminaires represent a rattan lamp pendant and we installed a curtain of decorative bulbs for the semi-covered area of the patio, and some translucent plastic globe chandelier in the covered area. And Pedrali lamps create an intimate atmosphere during the evening.