Interior design – Soho Design Showroom, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Surface – 190 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – To harmoniously integrate in a single space the wide range of products offered by the client

Style – Modern

Materials used – Chipboard tiles, decorative wall paint and flooring

Chromatic range – the color of natural wood, gray, white and color accents taken from the logo



SOHO Design is a store specializing in interior design products that offers both customers and designers / architects for their projects – lighting solutions, ceramic tiles, exposed brick and wallpaper. And our goal was to create a well-organized space that integrates all these products into a modern design. We were also inspired by the brand’s logo and we integrated its colors in the arrangement, representing the color accents. The rest of the showroom is very neutral in colors and finishes to highlight the products. We limited ourselves to just a few colors: white, several shades of gray and the color of natural wood.


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