Interior Design Wedding Salon Domeniile Saftica


Location  – Rezidential complex Central District Viitorului 134, Bucharest

Area – 750 sqm

Year of completion  – Work in progress

Concept – A new salon concept that can be easily adapted according to the event

Style – Elegant fusion with a glam touch

Used Materials – Wood, wooden scraps, decorative paint, decorative profiles, ceramics, terrazzo, wallpaper, carpet, plants

Chromatic range – Earth tones: beige, brown, green, golden accents



Complex Domeniile Săftica is already a well-known name for customers from Bucharest and its surroundings. The complex offers several services, from accommodation, a Trattorie restaurant, but also a swimming pool and event hall, which we designed this year. Our team came up with the proposal to create a refresh to the current space and which will be easily adapted according to the events that take place there. In this case, we proposed to mix the Fusion style with the Glamour, and the end result should be an elegant space. We used natural wood materials, decorative paint with a microporous effect, of mineral nature, with a strong natural connotation – CalceCruda, natural terrazzo, plants, but also the other materials used had to imitate natural elements. The color range was limited to earthy colors with glam gold accents. The scenographic atmosphere is created thanks to the proposed lighting system – custom-made chandeliers and lamps with LED strips of different sizes.

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