Jubilee The Ballroom Pipera – Le Reve Salon


Location  – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 500 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – Event hall with an Urban Garden theme

Style – Industrial chic

Used materials – Green walls with artificial plants, drapes, carpet, mirror cladding, custom lighting fixtures

Chromatic range – Neutral with plant color accents



The concept of an urban garden in the middle of the city was the idea from which the concept of this project started. An industrial hall-like building was the ideal setup for a chic industrial design, over which vegetal decorations were brought in, reminiscent of the English lofts of the 1980s. Many of the design elements were customized: wall cladding and columns with faceted mirrors or lighting systems in the form of reinterpreted chandeliers.

See what the Signature Salon of The Jubile Pipera Ballroom looks like.


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