Jubilee The Ballroom Pipera – Signature Salon


Location  –  Bucharest, Romania

Area –  250 sqm

Year of completion– 2019

Concept – Layered Geometry

Stiyle – Modern

Used material – Textile cladding, veneered wood slats, carpet, washable paint

Chromatic range – warm, pastel beige colors, gray and white



If the Le Reve Salon of the Jubile brand The Ballroom Pipera is a much more expressive, full of color due to the green plants used as decoration, on the opposite side is the Signature Salon, which is much more neutral in appearance. The concept was reduced to a pastel chromatic range of beiges and grays, where the accent element is created by the structure of the decor on the walls made of curved wooden slats and velvet upholstered panels. All design elements were made to order, including wall sconces and chandeliers.


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