design interior living

Living and dining in eclectic-contemporary style, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 70 sqm

Year of completion – project phase

Concept – Creating a temperate interior, but with a little scenic ambiance

Style – Modern – Contemporary

Materials used – Washable and decorative paint, decorative profiles, laminate flooring, velvet upholstery and curtains, brass and marble

Chromatic range – Pastel and light colors



Through this project we had the opportunity to create a contemporary and stylish interior, in which elegance and luxury were the basis and concept of the future project. The style chosen is an eclectic one with contemporary and neoclassical elements. I found the solution in choosing the furniture from Eichholtz for an original design, with an elegant and well-crafted finish. From the very beginning, I proposed the idea of ​​a bright interior, in which all the details are well organized to create a clean and comfortable space. We opted for custom-made elements, such as decorative profiles on the walls and ceiling or custom wall wallpaper.

We chose metal furniture and accessories in combination with glass and marble, natural wood with velvet upholstery or decorative profiles with decorative paint. We focused on decorations, which add life to the whole space, and natural plants complete the arrangement.