design interior living contemporan

Living room with rich textures and deep colors


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 40 sqm

Concept – A masculine space with rich textures and deep colors

Style: Contemporary-Modern

Materials used: architectural mouldings, large marble-like ceramic tiles, wall panels with veneer, furniture and lighting fixtures from Poliform and Eichholtz.

Chromatic range: white, gray anthracite, brown with some golden accessory



A project with an ambitious design, with a dramatic atmosphere that dominates the space, and with strong contrast of colors helps balance the ambience. In order to design this bold concept, we went on combining fine materials and intense colors to highlight the white marble with cherry wood and natural leather and velvet that perfectly matches the chrome metal we used. \

The space is divided between the dining and living areas. The last is visually defined by using marble as flooring only on a patch, right underneath the armchairs, coffee table and up until the fireplace. The walls are treated with decorative dark paint in order to let the light be reflected, and thus emphasize the fine marble deco. And to complete the composition, we used the gold-plated architectural mouldings. The other walls are covered with MDF panels with natural veneer. The suspended ceiling is customized for this project, made of painted MDF, which has both concave and convex shapes. The furniture is from Poliform and Eichholtz.