design interior duplex loft chic

Loft Chic Duplex, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 180 sqm

Year of completion – 2019

Concept – The presence of nature in an urban space

Style: Loft chic

Used materials: triple laminated parquet, wood planking, natural stone imitation, decorative profiles, and wallpaper.

Chromatic range: Neutral tones combined with warm tones



Our customers’ desire was to envision a place where he could easily escape from the concrete jungle, such as Bucharest, and this led us to maximize the use of natural materials and live decorations. That’s why the natural wood or its imitation, the natural stone, the living-plant walls should be elements that cannot be missing from this interior design. The chromatic range is a warm and very natural one. Overall we used earthly and woody shades with some raw metal accents Free movement and a lot of natural light increase the perception of space.

Besides the aesthetic part, we managed to have a practical approach for this project and make it very functional, applying new technologies. This project is a reinterpretation for a simple way of living, with a modern techno twist that’s reflected in the elements and materials we used.