Restaurant Il Calcio Express – New Concept


Location  –  Bucharest, Romania

Area –  min. 200 sqm

Year of concept – 2020

Concept – Trattoria modern-urban

Style – Modern-eclectic

Materials used – Oak veneer cladding, decorative exposed concrete, metalwork, ceramics

Chromatic range – warm colors, beige tones combined with orange / brick, varnish, blue



Trattoria Il Calcio restaurants are known on the Bucharest market due to the variety of Italian-specific dishes, the very good quality of the menu and the way of presentation, but also the excellent service. There are classic restaurants, where you can organize both an evening in 2 but also a small event, a warm, family atmosphere, just like an Italian trattoria.

The formal restaurant management, with a correct and serious attitude, is a note of professionalism, but this brand felt the need for a refresh in such a way as to attract a new clientele, one who may not have come to experience such a location. A young client, average income, corporate area, urban style, modern, slightly nonconformist. This is how the new Il Calcio Express concept was born, which proposes a slightly eclectic, elegant but not too sophisticated design, a combination of a self service and a bistro.

Areas of sofas oriented to comfort, but also the countertops at half height to be able to serve a preparation for lunch and or packaged up at the office. Il Calcio’s note is found through subtleties of elements from the world of sport, but at a suggestive level, discreet vintage-themed prints, decorative objects, sporting items assembled from place to place so as to suggest to you what it is, but not to get you bored and to invite you next time to break his threshold, to discover yet another classic sports story. All accompanied by a risotto, tagliatelle with sauce and basil or tortellini al forno.


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