UMB Gas Stations, Adjud


Location  –  Adjud, Romania

Area – 3 spaces: gas station with bistro – 300 sqm, gas station with  cafeteria – 350 sqm and another small gas station – 75 sqm

Year of concept – 2019, work in progress

Concept – a new identity for the UMB gas stations

Style – Modern with industrial accents

Materials used – Pal tiles, ceramic floors, print wallpaper, custom graphics

Chromatic range – yellow, blue, anthracite grey, white



Gas station with bistro


Gas station with cafeteria


Small gas station


The 3 gas stations that Creativ Interior took over for a refresh and a rebranding were functional units for more than 10 years, but the client felt the need for a change, to be in the current trends in this niche.

The units are 3 in number: first, a gas station that holds an easy-cooked bistro, which can also be for take-away, cafe and store with food and drinks. This first unit has approx. 300 sqm, and the interventions were designed to change the interior image of the store and the bistro through visual design elements in bright colors, to preserve the visual identity of the brand, modern materials, lighting equipment to render as much as possible. space well and highlight the products displayed on the shelves. The bistro initially had a no-personality, unattractive look. Thus, we proposed a modern bistro atmosphere with small industrial-urban influences, design adapted to the new technologies or materials, with an added functionality and comfort.

The second unit has a drink & snack shop, as well as a canteen with cooked food. The assortment is varied for all types of clients, fast food area, comfortable seating area on the sofas and terrace area. Here we thought both the functionality of the space, its aesthetics but also the materials to be suitable for an intense traffic environment that is easy to clean. The connection between the spaces is a fluent, intuitive one, which will take the client from one space to another and make him spend an efficient time for the seller.

The third unit is a small size, 75 sqm for the customer, it serves only drink & snack products, but it has a closed terrace facility, designed by us to be closed in order to be used during the cold season. All the exterior graphics were also rethought to the new identity, to work closely with the interior. Both the facades have been rethought, but also the totems that indicate the type and price of fuels, new annexes of type bnb for drivers or car wash of self-service type.


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