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Modern French design, skillfully combines classic elegance with industrial elements
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The story

Angst Chibrit Carmangeria, located on Calea Griviței street no. 238 in Bucharest, is a paradise for meat lovers, offering a premium and sophisticated experience. With an area of ​​85 square meters, this gourmet store impresses with its modern French design, masterfully combining classic elegance with industrial elements. High-quality materials, such as faceted ceramic tiles and wood-imitating tiles, create a refined and durable setting. The style is complemented by custom-made furniture made of painted MDF and wood veneer, and the decor is punctuated by classic chopping machines and kitchen utensils, transformed into design elements. The color palette, dominated by grays from anthracite to lighter shades, blends harmoniously with the natural tones of the wood, creating an attractive and contemporary environment. Angst Chibrit Shop is more than a meat shopping destination – it is a place where passion for gastronomy meets sophistication and aesthetics.

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Localizare: Bucharest, Romania

Area: 85 sqm

Year of completion: 2020

Concept: Carmagerie premium

Furnishing style: modern French with industrial details

Used materials: Faceted Ceramic Tiles, Wood Look Tiles, Custom Washable Wallpaper, Wood Panel Wall Cladding. The furniture is made to order from painted MDF with wood veneer. The decor is represented by the classic choppers hanging above the serving counter, kitchen utensils in the form of decoration and plants arranged in the upper niches of the furniture.

Color range: Grays from anthracite to light gray, the shade of natural wood

Photographer: Mihai Georgiadi