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Have you ever wondered how important a correct interior design project is for your office environment? Considering the fact that the office must reflect your state of mind and your professional status, it is advisable to pay close attention to its design. Every successful person has a complex personality with an unique style emphasized by his specific behavior, the company surrounding him and last, but not least, the environment where he spends his leisure time.

And you have the task to create that balanced workspace that also reflects the needs of the employees in order to make them more productive and dedicated to their everyday tasks.

The solution? Call our experienced interior design team to help you choose the concept, style, finishing details or even the right office decorations for either classic office buildings or atypical spaces such as interbelic houses or hubs.

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We're Octav and Natalia, interior architects and we've founded Creativ Interior Studio with the purpose of providing our clients with the best visual experience. We've specialized in Horeca design because we love to contribute in enhancing our client's and their customers's experience when visiting the locations, and also grow their business.

For us, every day starts with a new challenge, and that's why we put our hearts into what we do, fact proven by our work. We're young and ambitious people who bring color in our client's indoors, create comfortable spaces and make our clients as happy as we can.

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