About us

Creativ Interior is an interior design studio focused on premium interior design, specialized in personalizing homes down to the smallest detail, in order to offer the best customer experience.

Studies in the field, but especially experience with the premium market, have shaped us to have a winning thinking focused on customer comfort, on a complete service from project to implementation.

The service we offer exclusively is for interior design, the implementation part will be recommended from the range of suppliers we have experience with, we will provide the necessary planning for the project, and each project submitted will contain an archive with complete details.

Octav Roman

Octav Roman

Interior Architect

"I think that every project is unique, just like every client has its particularities. My job is to identify and provide the best experience through an unique, creative design. Listen, create, implement, find solutions, be positive, always give what you say and be inspired."

Natalia Berezovskaia

Natalia Berezovskaia

Interior Architect

"Just like every day, for me, starts with a new challenge, it makes me put my heart into what I'm doing and get involved with passion in the evolution of this area through those interested in it and open to new opportunities. That's why I've also launched a blog The Famous Design, with the sole purpose of telling about interior design from my own personal experience."

Motto: #TodayIDoEverythingWithPassion

Project Stages – Interior Design

What does each stage of the project mean?

  • Client consultation

    It can be face-to-face or by phone, depending on the situation. After a thorough discussion you will receive a price quote. For a reliable pricing it is important that our future clients provide us with at least the following information: the existing and/ or modified location plan, whether the project will be fully integrated (design and execution etc.), what design concept they envision, whether something from the present design will be kept or if there are certain pieces that will be reused in the project (because it has a sentimental value etc.) and the deadline.

  • Contract signing and advance payment

    If we agree on the price quote the next step is signing the contract and making a down payment. Only after the project can start. There will be a walk-through of the space as part of the consultation. This is an opportunity to exchange information about what you can offer, what they want and what they actually need. In some cases, when the client is undecided, we can help sketch a design idea by completing a questionnaire.

  • The survey plan and pictures from above/ on site

    The survey plan and pictures from above/ on site must be done. We will write down all the necessary elevations to be able to properly work on the new project. Video and photos will be taken. Important! These elevations are not final for custom-made furniture, the supplier in question has to come himself to measure once again the space (regarding the needed areas) to avoid mistakes!

  • Research

    Research will be done to better understand the design, the chromatic range, the materials, but also the ambience you need to propose. This stage also involves finding a concept, that unique element that will differentiate your project from other arrangements. Perhaps a personalized wallpaper as the leitmotiv throughout the house or the idea of creating a unitary style. This distinguishes designers from the masses. Finally, the research consists of a selection of pictures sent to the client.

  • Moodboards

    In some cases it is necessary to make presentation moodboards where we can include furniture, accessories or lighting propositions. This step can also help budget each room, so that in the end we make sure that our propositions stay within the budget you planned.

  • Furniture arrangement sketches

    We will suggest furniture arrangements to ensure the furniture pieces fit and the whole space is ergonomic and easy to access.

  • 3D sketch and interior design rendering

    This is the stage where we will come up with the 3D projection of the space to help you visualize your future rooms with all the finishes, materials, furniture, decorations etc. The projects are done in the 3DMax program and the Vray rendering engine.

  • Technical project

    Once the 3D project is approved (it can usually take about 1-2 weeks with possible modifications), only then you can start detailing and make the technical sheets that differ from one project to another depending on complexity. These details allow us to further explain what each supplier or contractor has to do.
    The complete list of technical sheets can be found here

  • Execution and surveillance on site

    In order for the project to unfold as expected, it is recommended that the execution be done by a team of qualified builders/ craftsmen with a site manager to lead them and whom to keep us updated.

  • The final result!

    The project looks according to the original concept!
    You can see our entire portfolio of projects here.
    Successful project = Happy client!