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Restaurant Noma Bucharest

Contemporary restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming design
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The story

Open the doors to a gastronomic journey in the heart of Bucharest, where the Noma restaurant welcomes you in a setting that combines urban charm with traditional refinement. Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of urban bistros and industrial architecture, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Its concept is based on the idea of ​​a perfect lunch in the park, and the interior design combines the urban feeling with elements of nature, offering a special setting. Savor carefully thought-out dishes, from Rosenthal jasmine tea to baked Sain Mercellin cheese with honey and truffles. Noma is the place where authenticity and refinement come together, offering you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The NOMA restaurant, designed by our Creativ Interior team, was awarded the International BigSEE Interior Design Award 2021 for the Hospitality category.

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restaurant noma bucuresti canapele

Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 220 sq m

Year of completion – 2021

Concept – Urban bistro

Furnishing styleModern with industrial & Glam shades

Materials usedVinyl flooring, decorative profiles, washable, carpet, wallpaper

Color rangePastel colors with vibrant accents – blue, orange, citron yellow

PhotographerAlexandru Prodan

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