Pasticceria by Il Calcio, Bucharest

A harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, reflected in every detail of its arrangement.
pasticceria- by il calcio site

The story

Step into the charming world of Pasticceria by Il Calcio, located in the heart of Bucharest’s old town. Completed in 2021, this exquisite 120 sqm space perfectly blends exquisite pastry creations with a setting that transports you to a bygone era. The concept intertwines elegance and art, offering a symphony of flavors in a meticulously crafted interior. inspired by French-retro aesthetics, the furniture style has a delightful reinterpretation. Immerse yourself in the warmth of oak wood, adorned with intricate decorative profiles that exude timeless sophistication. Velvet upholstery invites you to indulge in comfort, while smoked mirrors provide an ethereal charm throughout.

pasticceria- by il calcio site
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Location – Old town, Bucharest

Area – 120 sqm

Year of completion – 2021

Concept – Refined pastry in a decorative interior

Furnishing style – French-Retro reinterpreted

Materials used – oak wood, decorative profiles, velvet, smoked mirror

Furniture – Custom made by Chairry Contract Furniture

Color range – Green, pale pink, white

pasticceria- by il calcio site