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Restaurant Fuior

Harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, reflected in every detail of its arrangement
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The story

The 100 square meter room is divided into an intimate and welcoming setting, where you can find elements of wood, ceramic and perforated metal, delicately integrated into an elegant and authentic design. The furniture, predominantly made of wood, is carefully selected to create a refined and comfortable environment. Decorative accents, such as MARAMA decorative profiles and embroidered textiles, add a rustic and authentic charm to the space. Warm, diffused light completes the welcoming atmosphere, and subtly scattered plants and straw bring a fresh, natural touch. Predominant colors with accents of blue, brick and green add depth and character to the interior design, providing a memorable visual and gastronomic experience for guests.

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restaurant fuior unirii interior

Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 100 sq m

Year of completion – 2023

Concept – Traditional-modern fusion

Furnishing style – Traditional-modern fusion

Materials used – Wood, decorative paint, decorative MARAMA profiles, ceramics, perforated metal, plants, straw

Furniture – Custom made by Chairry Contract Furniture

Color range – Warm colors with accents of blue, brick and green