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Restaurant Maison Pradier

The Maison Pradier restaurant is committed to redefining the culinary experience in the lively heart of Henri Coandă Airport in the capital of Romania.
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The story

Inspired by Parisian charm and elegance, the project harmoniously combines traditional elements with modern accents, creating a distinct and refined space. The integration of natural materials such as oak wood and glass, alongside black metal profiles, adds a touch of authenticity and finesse. The color range, with natural wood tones, black and white, harmoniously complements its word with turquoise accents, evoking the vibrant charm of Parisian streets. Maison Pradier thus becomes a gastronomic haven, where customers can enjoy the traditional and modern delights of Parisian pastry, in a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

restaurant maison pradier interior
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Location – Henri Coandă Airport, Romania

Area – 126 sq m

Year of completion – 2024

Concept – Parisian pastry

Furnishing style – Parisian with a modern touch

Materials used – Natural oak wood, black metal profiles, glass, ceramics

Color range – Shades of natural wood, white, black in contrast with turquoise