terasa club tan tan mamaia

Tan Tan Terrace

Night terrace in Mamaia
terasa club interior lounge tan tan mamaia

The story

Discover a new level of sophistication and originality in Mamaia’s nightlife, in a space with a design that redefines the beach club concept. Inspired by the maverick party atmosphere of Mykonos, this club combines Mediterranean elements with innovative details to create an immersive experience. The impressive laminated wood structure, the scenographic shading effects and the subtle details, such as the decorative ropes, bring a Mediterranean air reinterpreted in a contemporary style. The warm colors, with accents of orange, blue and red, complement the landscape with a sophisticated and vibrant charm, giving you a unique and memorable atmosphere in every visit.

terasa canapea club tan tan mamaia
terasa club umbrela sezlong tan tan mamaia
terasa club fatada tan tan mamaia
terasa club noapte plaja tan tan mamaia

Location: Mamaia, Romania

Surface: 750 sqm

Year of completion: 2019

Concept: Summer club

Design style: Mediterranean boho

Materials used : Construction structure made of laminated wood panels, reeds, wooden deck flooring, perforated panels, rattan furniture, metal and wood, outdoor-resistant textiles

Color range: strong> White, light gray, orange, wood color