Interior Design – 3 Bedroom Apartment – „Nordis” Residence, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Area – 90 sqm

Year of completion – pending

Concept – clear lines, neutral colors, minimal furniture.

Style: Loft-modern

Materials used: natural wood (laminated parquet, wall panels, furniture with veneer), washable paint, metal (stainless steel and brass), natural stone and ceramic tiles, apparent concrete.

Chromatic range: More shades of light gray, gray anthracite, wood color and some yellow accents.



The owners, a modern and very active couple, wanted a clean and spacious interior design. Since they are fond of neutral colors of gray and beige, we proposed to create a pastel tone based project, where the gray color is very well adapted to the chosen style. Since the ambiance is quite neutral, the parquet that mimics the decking breaks the monotony, and some color accents add life to the whole space.

The living room is composed only of functional furniture, creating a spacious atmosphere: we added a generous sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a TV combo with several shelves. The matrimonial bedroom, though equally neutral, through the upholstered walls, makes you think you’re in a comfortable hotel room rather than an apartment.

The baby’s room is a bit different from the whole apartment. We chose an abstract wallpaper only to match the rest of the apartment, but the rest of the furniture is in pastel tones for that magic touch. It’s for a boy’s room, so we chose colors such as blue, beige, and gray.

The kitchen is very minimalist designed and we emphasized the dining area by using some yellow and blue chairs. Representative finishes would be: the slate on the wall, together with the table out of onyx in the worktop area. The two bathrooms are also quite neutral designed. The first matrimonial bathroom is in gray tones with a granite accent wall. Whereas the second bathroom is in white and light gray, combined with a marble slab.