Interior design – Bucuria Shop, Bucharest


Location – Bucharest, Romania

Surface – 30 sqm

Year of completion – 2020

Concept – Carnival, explosion of color

Style – French-classic

Materials used – milled MDF, metal, velvet, wallpaper, decorative profiles, ceramic tiles

Chromatic range – predominantly white, with accents of red, gray and gold


Photos: Anca Rancea


You definitely know the Moldavian brand specialised in sweets and chocolate – Bucuria. This time I had the challenge to create the identity for the stores of this brand, in Romania. The clients left us free, and we, the Creativ Interior team, set out to create a unique concept, inspired by the carousel idea, present at many carnivals.

We used the color red as an accent, being also the color of the brand, in contrast to white, which is a suitable background to expose the rich variety of very colorful packaged candies. As a style I went for a French with classic influences and some modern-industrial elements. Being a small space, we tried to optimize it as well as possible, without crowding the atmosphere, so we chose to make all the furniture on demand – the reception and display shelves were made of painted MDF, metal chandelier – from circular pipes which are pulled the cables for the lighting fixtures, and the velvet sofa and the metal structure that molds to the curved brick wall, inspired by a carousel – were also made on demand.


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