Design interior Pizzerie Salento

Interior Design – “Salento” Pizza, Covasna


Location – Covasna, Romania

Area – 40 sqm

Year of completion – 2018

Concept – Fast-food tailored to the needs of the general public

Style – Modern with industrial influences

Materials used – Laminate flooring, MDF cladding, printed wallpaper, micro cement plaster. Custom made furniture and special lighting dedicated to Horeca units.

Chromatic range – Colors of yellow and purple accents, combined with neutral tones



The “Salento” Pizza concept started from the idea of creating an appealing and welcoming space for the general public. That’s why an eclectic style, with the predominance of rustic, slightly reinterpreted elements, as well as industrial ones – was our option for this project.

We opted for natural wood (and imitation wood), brick, metal and even natural plants. Although the budget was quite limited, the result had to look exquisite, nevertheless. How did we manage to do that? With small, simple, yet eye-catching decorations: wooden pallets for pizza or wooden rollers, painted in the colors of the brand (from the logo); or decorating the wall from the bar table area with personalized graphics; bright volumetric letters; metal shelves filled with jars full of ingredients and various cooking items.