Interior Design – Baba Novac Residence


Location: Baba Novac Residence Complex, Bucharest 

Area: 102 sgm

Year of completion: under construction 

Concept: Optimizing the space, but keeping an elegand air

Furnishing style: eclectic with contemporary details

Materials used – washable, decorative profiles, wallpapers

Furniture: most of the furniture is custom made în order to optimize the space

Chromatic range: pastel colors combined with a few accents and color contrasts.



The clients’ requirement was that the whole apartment to be well optimized and with aș many storage places as possible, which became the theme of the arrangement – to exploit the space în such a way that it does not look crowded and, at the same time, to be very elegant and comfortable. That’s how we came to propose to make almost all the furniture from scratch and to organize it according to the needs of the customers (a family with two children).

As style, we went for an eclectic one, but inspired by a comtemporary with american and even provence arrangements. The advantage of this apartment is that it is very bright, so for the color range we allowed ourselfs to experiment and choose a wider range of colors, but kept aș neutral as possible. They have been complemented by some strong color accents, which are balanced with the rest of the atmosphere, 

For this project, we customized many details, such as MDF furniture or even the upholstered one: the sofa în the living room, the upholstered panel în the girl’s room or the bed în the master bedroom. Also, we created graphics for the kitchen wallpaper and reproduced the wallpaper from the living room (becouse of the costs). We had some emotion during the installation of both wallpaper and the photo paper. For example, the wallpaper is printed in one piece (the largest was  4x 2.8 m in size). We were also nervous when we installed the wallpaper în the entrace hall, because it’s a special one from Nevmor brand. 

We made, for the first time, the composite quartz countertop with wall cladding and the custom sink made of the same material.


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