Interior Design – Restaurant and Event Hall Riviera Park, Bucharest


Location  – National Park, Bucharest

Area – 800 sqm

Year of completion – Work in progress

Concept – Restaurant that can be easily converted into an event hall

Style– Modern with Retro details

Used Materials – LVT flooring in addition to ceramics, custom decorative panels and chandeliers, wood cladding and veneered MDF slats, plants

Furniture – imported from Poland, partially custom

Chromatic range – Natural colors: beige, sand, green and some contrasts: blue and black



If you’ve ever walked through the National Park, you’ve probably passed the Riviera restaurant, located right on the lake shore with a spectacular terrace overlooking the water. Although the restaurant building has been built since the communist era, with a specific architecture, the charm of the space has a major potential. This is how the new owners reinvented the concept of the restaurant and adapted it to the needs of the current market.

And our team participated from the stage of interior repartitioning. The space includes an entrance hall with a reception, a smaller restaurant open to the general public that opens to a larger room dedicated to events for a capacity of 210 people. There is also a pocket to the terrace on the shore that includes its own bar, and everything that means kitchen and administrative spaces have a well-defined technological flow with 2 separate access ways that comply with DSV rules.

The restaurant is decorated in a modern style with retro influences (furniture) and elegant reinterpreted Art-Deco details found in arcades and metal chandeliers. The color range is quite neutral, especially on the events area, to allow customers who book the location to customize their party theme. Vivid colors and contrasts can be found in the a la carte restaurant area.


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