Interior Design – DOGU Fast Food

_________________________________ Location  – Bucharest Area – 70 sqm Year of completion – Work in progress Concept – A vibrant setting for a new concept of Fast Food Style – Modern with High-tech accents and industrial details Materials used – metal fabrications, wood cladding, PVC carpet, wallpaper, paint, upholstered furniture Chromatic range – contrast between black, […]

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Interior design – Sogardi Showroom

___________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 90 sqm Year of completion – 2021 Concept – Luxury multi-brand showroom that offers complete bathroom solutions Style – Modern with industrial influences Materials used – paint, wallpaper, wood and metal panels, artificial plants Chromatic range – gray, black, gold, stainless steel, green details ___________________________________ Photos: Mihai Georgiadi […]

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Interior design – Angst Butchery Chibrit

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 85 sqm Year of completion – 2020 Concept – Premium butchery concept Style – Modern with classic and industrial elements combined Materials used – Faceted ceramic tiles, brick, imitation wood, custom wallpaper, washable, wall cladding with wood panels. The furniture is made to order from painted MDF and […]

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Interior design – Bucuria Shop, Bucharest

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Surface – 30 sqm Year of completion – 2020 Concept – Carnival, explosion of color Style – French-classic Materials used – milled MDF, metal, velvet, wallpaper, decorative profiles, ceramic tiles Chromatic range – predominantly white, with accents of red, gray and gold _________________________________ Photos: Anca Rancea _________________________________ You definitely know […]

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UMB Gas Stations, Adjud

_________________________________ Location  –  Adjud, Romania Area – 3 spaces: gas station with bistro – 300 sqm, gas station with  cafeteria – 350 sqm and another small gas station – 75 sqm Year of concept – 2019, work in progress Concept – a new identity for the UMB gas stations Style – Modern with industrial accents […]

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Interior design – Soho Design Showroom, Bucharest

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Surface – 190 sqm Year of completion – 2019 Concept – To harmoniously integrate in a single space the wide range of products offered by the client Style – Modern Materials used – Chipboard tiles, decorative wall paint and flooring Chromatic range – the color of natural wood, gray, white […]

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Interior design – Mr. Tripp Travel Agency

design interior mr tripp randare

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 45 sqm Year of completion – 2017 Concept – cartographic maps Style – Modern with industrial details Materials used – LVT flooring that imitates wood, wall paint, self adhesive, green walls. Furniture made out of metal and wood. Custom lighting – LED metallic strip Chromatic range – white, […]

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Interior Design – 1 minute Floreasca Park

design interior 1 minute Floreasca randare

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 70sqm Year of completion – 2014 Concept – Convenience store with food-to-go Style – Modern Used materials – Unique and decorative ceramic tiles, wall paint, wooden panels, decorative wooden boards, PAL furniture. Decorations such as artificial plants and custom made olive oil bottles. LED profile technical lighting and […]

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Interior Design – Premium Angst Butcher shop

_________________________________ Location – Bucharest, Romania Area – 60 sqm Year of completion – in progress Concept – A new concept for a premium butcher store Style – Modern, with combined classical and industrial elements Used materials – brick-like ceramic tiles, floor tiles that imitate wood, custom-made wallpaper, washable paint, wooden panel wall cladding. Custom-made MDF […]

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Interior Design – Artelier Artisanal Bakery

_________________________________ Location – Galati, Romania Area – 30 sqm Year of completion – 2018 Concept – The need for change Style – Contemporary-Modern Used materials – Interior and exterior architectural mouldings, ceramic tiles with decorative patterns for the floor, brick-like tiles in the sink area. Furniture made from painted PAL and MDF. Custom decorations, we […]

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